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Interview with Jakub Lorencovič, Mister International Slovak Rep 2011

"The Stunning Angels" presents Jakub Lorencovič, Mr International Slovak Rep. 2011 in an exclusive interview session. Let us find out a little more about him...

1. What would your friends say to describe you?
Hard worker, good student and beautiful sexy man :D

2. In your own words, who is Jakub Lorencovič?
I think i am reincarnated cat

3. Tell us something that many people don't know about you.
I have many secrets  and i cant tell them nobody :D

4. Describe the town where you grew up?
Prešov, its the third biggest city in Slovakia, with 100,000 people living there. Its very nice historical town.

5. Tell us about your family. What happened when you told them your desire to be Mister? Did they support you?
I have two sisters and twin Brother. I'm the youngest one. They were supporting me a lot,  and they couldn't  believe when i won.

6. Before participating in Muž Roku Pageant, what did you do? And did you dream of becoming a Mister?
I was a pure student, and it didn't change after my winning :D but sure i was dreaming about situation that i will be a winner because of the world competition. 


7. What were your reasons for joining the Muž Roku 2011?
I had a desire to change my stereotype life and i hope i will change it after world competition.

8. What is your favorite part of your body & why?
My nipples because they are very sensitive :D 

9. What is your worst quality?
My impatience.

10. Any beauty queens/kings that you really admire and who inspires you? Any idol in life? Why?
I don't have any idol.... I want to be original and free person.

11. Tell us about your preparations for the 2011 Mr International pageant.
Nothing special. I use to go to gym like before ....

12. Which one do you think is your best quality for winning the title of Mister International?
My baby face :D

13. Have you already seen the photos of the other candidates? which one do you think are your strongest rivals?
No i didn't see the other candidates and i will not watch them .... I like surprises :D

14. If you don’t win Mister International 2011, what are your plans for the future?
I would like to have a good job in modeling and finish my acting school.

15. What's your special message to your fans & supporters?
Thanks for supporting me and i hope i will not disappoint my fans.

»Personal Motto: Always the true
»Personal Goal: To be a good and requisite actor
»Personal Dream Destination (Place): Miami
»Favorite Food: Chicken steak with cheese sauce
»Favorite Color: Black
»Favorite Hobby: Summer sports, gym , animals

»Favorite Sport: Roller skate. 
»Favorite Book: Jackie Collins books
»Favorite Movie: Insidious , 2011
»Favorite Actor/Actress: Cameron Diaz
»Favorite Singer/Band: Jessie Jay , Within Temptation, Michael Bolton
»Favorite Song: The first time ever i saw your face

Thank you very much Jakub Lorencovič for this interview, thank you for sharing with us, The Stunning Angels wish you good luck and success in The 2011 Mister International pageant


Interviewed by Zeph End 

Photos courtesy: 
Jakub's Facebook Album
 All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Special thanks to 
Jakub Lorencovič, Mister International Slovak Republic

Published by thestunningangels.blogspot.com on November 27th, 2011 

PS: I apologize if there are errors in the writing of the title, name, etc.
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