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Interview with Dennis Mencia, Mister International Honduras 2011

The Stunning Angels presents Dennis Mencia, Mr. International Honduras 2011 in an exclusive interview session. Let us find out a little more about him...

1. What would your friends say to describe you?
Goal oriented, committed and passionate about life and everything that I do and most of all someone determined to be the person I one day aspire to be.

2. In your own words, who is Dennis Mencia?
Dennis Mencia is someone who believes anything can be achieved if we pour our souls and heart into it. Someone who strives to be a better individual and tries to turn every adversity into an opportunity.

 Photo by Michael Falco Photography

3. Tell us something that many people don't know about you.
Even though I am comfortable in front of cameras and with people in general; I tend to be a little private and reserved once I’m off a stage or outside a studio.

  Photo by Michael Falco Photography

4. Describe the town where you grew up?
I grew up in a very small town on the north coast of Honduras, where everyone knows each other and everyone looks out for one another. In a sense it was there where I learnt to appreciate the small things in life, those things that we tend to sometimes take for granted but in the end are the ones that really matter.
5. Tell us about your family. What happened when you told them your desire to be Mister? Did they support you?
I come from a very large family. My family in a sense is my number one support system. They are that shelter I go back to every now and then for moral and emotional support. When I told them about the opportunity of participating in Mister Honduras and eventually becoming Mister Honduras International; they were thrilled and have been very supportive from the beginning.

  Photo by Michael Falco Photography

6. Before participating in a Mister Honduras Pageant, what did you do? And did you dream of becoming a Mister?
Before being Mister Honduras, I was acting and modeling. I started acting at a very young age but it wasn’t till I graduated from college that I decided to pursue acting as a career. I’ve never dreamt of becoming a Mister, though I always thought it would be fun…but now I realize is more than just fun; is a huge responsibility because is no longer Dennis Mencia but instead a whole country HONDURAS.

Dennis in the TV series "The Bend"

7. what were your reasons for joining the Mister Honduras?
I believe the pageant will be a great platform to showcase my beautiful country and perhaps get people interested in knowing about Honduras and one day maybe even visit this small but warmth country.

8. What is your favorite part of your body & why?
Hahahaha my favorite part of my body….. I would have to say my smile. I’ve been told is soothing and welcoming lol.

9. What is your worst quality?
Sometimes I can be a little impatient and want things done right away : (  but I’m working on that! Lol

10. Any beauty queens/kings that you really admire and who inspires you? Any idol in life? Why?
Anyone who love themselves for who they are and are comfortable in their own skin is a true beauty to me and worthy of my respect and admiration. Just be the only thing that we know how to be best without reservations….ourselves.

11. Tell us about your preparations for the 2011 Mr International pageant.
I’m currently taking modeling classes, working out to be in healthy shape. I am working really hard to not just be a finalist but to win the title; either way I’m preparing myself to make this experience a memorable one. The journey has been hard and full of sacrifices but in the end it will pay off.

 Dennis on the runway

12. Which one do you think is your best quality for winning the title of Mister International?
My strategy is to just be me. If I do that people will truly get to know who I am and what I stand for. Someone much disciplined, consistent, and passionate about life and those qualities will come to the surface. Allow people see that physical beauty is appreciated but what matters the most and should be cherished is our inner one.

Photo by Rafael Carabano

13. Have you already seen the photos of the other candidates? which one do you think are your strongest rivals?
Yes, I have seen the photos of the other candidates. Every one of them seems to have what it takes to become Mister International. Good luck to everyone and hope to see all of you in Thailand.

14. If you don’t win Mister International 2011, what are your plans for the future?
I will continue working as an actor and hopefully soon be able to reach all of you through a TV screen or a theater.

Dennis Mencia as an actor in "El Milagro De Madame Kirovska"

15. What's your special message to your fans & supporters?
Thank you for all the love and support. The journey to anything worthwhile is always long but when you have people who believe in you along the way it just makes everything a lot more pleasant. Thank you again, love and peace to everyone.

»Personal Motto: Your life is greater than your fears...your strength is greater than your doubts.
»Personal Goal: To achieve my life purpose.
»Personal Dream Destination (Place): Asia and the Middle East I find fascinating!
»Favorite Food: Mexican and Honduran food.
»Favorite Color: Blue and black
»Favorite Book: The Alchemist
»Favorite Hobby: Spending time with loved ones, outdoors activities
»Favorite Sport:  Soccer even though I’m not really good at it lol
»Favorite Movie: I have a few
»Favorite Actor/Actress: I have a few
»Favorite Singer/Band: Nora Jones, Edith Piaf among others
»Favorite Song: La vie en rose

Thank you very much Dennis for this interview, thank you for sharing with us, The Stunning Angels wish you good luck and success in The 2011 Mister International pageant


Interviewed by Zeph End
Photos courtesy:
Falco Photography,
Rafael Carabano, Dennis's FB,
All photos are copyright to its rightful owners.

Special thanks to
Dennis Noe Mencia, Mister International Honduras

Published by thestunningangels.blogspot.com on November 22th, 2011

PS: I apologize if there are errors in the writing of the title, name, etc.
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